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Eye Exams: Why You Should Get One Every Year.

When you are a child, it is easy to get an eye exam because the adult in your life, be them your parent or caretaker, makes sure that you make it to your appointment. But for those of us who no longer live under mom and dad’s roof, it is important to be vigilant about eye care health.

How Often Do I Need to Be Getting an Exam?

All of this depends on age. When you’re a child, optical guidelines suggest that a child should be have an exam once a year. Once you’re above the age 18, until the age of 60, the recommendation is that you only need an eye exam every two years. After age 61, the recommendation returns back to once a year. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, it is recommended that you get an eye exam each year.

Why May You Want to Get an Eye Exam Each Year?

Although it is recommended that you only get an exam every two years as an adult between the age of 18-60, it may be wise to forgo that suggestion and get one each year. Regular eye exams can uncover problems that most people don’t know they have. Unlike other parts of your body, like your leg or arm, when there is an issue in the eye, it doesn’t always hurt like other parts of the body. Here are some things that can be discovered through an eye exam.

Nearsightedness and Farsightedness.

Although they are less serious conditions such as being nearsighted and farsighted which can be detected through an eye exam. Knowing you need corrective glasses or contact lenses to help treat these problems in eyesight can be a huge help in reducing stress on the eye.


Most people don’t realize that Diabetes, whether it’s Type I or II, can have a negative effect on eyesight. If you have Diabetes, it is a good idea to get a regular eye exam. But if you don’t, it is still a good idea. Why? Because many Ophthalmologists have uncovered health issues such as Diabetes and hypertension, that patients do not even realize that have.


Here at Cork Eye Clinic, Mr. Golchin is an expert in treating Glaucoma, a painful eye disease in which the fluid is improperly draining from the eye. Because the fluid is not draining properly, there is a lot of intraocular pressure which causes pain. People who suffer from Glaucoma often experience loss of vision and in some cases complete blindness. In order to make sure you’re treated with Glaucoma as soon as possible if you have it, please make sure to get regular eye exams. There is no cure for Glaucoma but there are treatment options available.

Macular Degeneration

This is when the central part of the retina, the part of the eye that filters light, deteriorates. Common symptoms of Macular Degeneration are blurry areas, or changes in color perception. Although these seem like issues that most people would want checked out by their eye doctor, many do not always realize how crucial it is for them to be examined. However, Macular Degeneration is one of the leading causes of vision loss, and so it is important to get checked for this each year, particularly because it is more common the older you are. You are eligible for surgery There are some positive things that come from eye exams. Not everything is bad news! Some people are worried about going to the eye doctor because it means that they find out they will need contact lenses or glasses. But what about the good news? Often times a patient can be a candidate for a surgery that can be beneficial to them, like cataract surgery, and not even know.

Who Should I Let Examine My Eyes?

While some people think it is okay to allow a primary care physician to do an eye exam, we recommend that you instead see an Ophthalmologist, professionals who have the experience in their specific fields and an abundance of knowledge in the industry.

Have You Had Your Exam This Year?

If you haven’t had your eye exam this year, you can make an appointment at Cork Eye Clinic.

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For most people 2020 was a terrible year, nothing but Covid and lockdowns, for me it was the year I got my eyesight back. I've been wearing reading glasses since I was 7 years old. The optic nerve in my right eye never really developed so I had to rely on my left eye to provide me with adequate sight, with a prescription in my right eye to help balance it. This continued right through my childhood, adolescence, then through adulthood until my 40's. At that stage, my left eye had also began to fail, so, "call it vanity", I decided to opt for laser surgery. This unfortunately only lead to further complications and so was back to wearing glasses, 18 months after the treatment, with an eye prescription worse than ever. I knew by my early 50's my eyesight was in a serious state. Even with glasses everything was a blur and going in the wrong direction. I decided to seek further help, so for 3 years I visited eye specialists in Cork and Dublin hoping for a solution. Nobody wanted to know me after my failed eye operations and poor sight, except one man, MR Behrooz Golchin, a man I credit for saving my eyesight. Within 3 months I got synthetic lenses for both eyes. 12 months later I am still in disbelief of what he was able to do to correct my eyesight. Thank you Mr Golchin

John Lynch (March 2021)



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